June 26, 2017 PSB Programme V06

DAY 0 (June 26th, MON)

15:00-17:00 Registration (Registration continues throughoutthe meeting)
17:00-19:00 Reception (welcome drinks)

DAY 1 (June 27th, TUE)


9:00-10:00 Artificial photosynthesis mimicking plants
Tomonori Kawano (ca. 15 min) Opening remark and Natural and Artificial Photosynthesis models for capturing carbondiozide
Kazuya Uezu (ca. 15 min) Prediction of the reaction scheme for novel artificial photosynthesis system by the chemical engineering approach
Tomonori Kawano and Kazuya Uezu (ca. 15 min) Working hypothesis and minimal laboratory works for understanding the phenomena observed in the model pilot
10:00-10:40 COFEE BREAK
10:40-11:40 Symbiosis and evolution
Toshinobu Suzaki (ca. 20 min) Structural and molecular basis for the interaction between endosymbiotic green algae and host protozoans
Tomonori Kawano and Francois Bouteau (ca. 20 min) Green republic: Inter-kingdom photosynthetic symbiosis development
11:40-13:00 LUNCH
13:15-14:15 Action of Plant hormones
Jutaro Fukazawa (ca. 20 min) DELLA-GAF1 Complex regulates Gibberellin homeostasis and signaling in Arabidopsis
Taku Takahashi (ca. 20 min) Repression of xylem differentiation by thermospermine in Arabidopsis thaliana
14:15-15:20 COFEE BREAK
15:20-17:00 Redox regulation and ion channels (1)
Satish C Bhatla (ca. 20 min) Redox and nitric oxide signaling mechanisms under abiotic stress in plants
Monika Keisham (ca. 20 min) Nitric oxide modulates phospholipase D (PLD) activity accompanying salt stress tolerance in sunflower seedlings
Izumi C. Mori (ca. 20 min) Cyclic Nucleotide Gated Channel in Barley Root – Unique Characteristics of HvCNGC2-3, Na+ and K+ Dual Specific Channel Activated by Co-presence of Na+ and K+
21:00-22:00 COMMITTEEPRE-MEETING (Unofficial)

DAY 2 (June 28th, WED)

9:00-10:15 Gravity response and mechanical stimuli
Takuya Furuichi (ca. 20 min) Role of mechanosensitive channel in gravity sensing and responses against environmental stresses in ISS
Atsushi Kume (ca. 20 min) Effecta of long-term hypergravity treatment on the growth and photosynthesis of Physcomitrella patens
Rainner Hedrich (ca. 20 min) Molecular Insights into a Touch Receptor
10:15-10:35 COFEE BREAK
10:35-12:10 Redox regulation and ion channels (2)
Kazuyuki Kuchitsu (ca. 30 min) Regulation of plant development and stress responses by the ROS-Ca2+ signaling network and autophagy
Renu Bhardwaj (ca. 20 min) Combination of 24-epibrassinolide and Salicylic acid modulates oxidative stress in Brassica juncea L. plants under metal stress
Francois Bouteau (ca. 20 min) Anion channel activation, a key event in retraction of the protoplast during PCD?
Yoshiyuki Murata (ca. 20 min) Regulation of abscisic acid-induced stomatal closure by glutathione and reactive carbonyl species
12:00-12:15 GROUP PHOTO (in front of stage)
14:00-18:30 EXCURSION
19:00-21:00 BANQUET

DAY 3(June 29th, THU)

9:15-10:15 Computational chemistry, photosynthesis-inspired energy management, and physical approaches for plant behaviors
Shinichiro Nakamura (ca. 20 min) On the mechanism of Oxygen Evolving Center, a Theoretical Study.
Katsushi Fujii (ca. 20 min) Solar light conversion to hydrogen by using solar cells and electrochemical cells inspired from photosystem II
Takuya Suzuki (ca. 15 min) Development of novel photocatalyst using Perovskite, Pyrochlore, Spinel and Delafossite structures.
10:15-10:30 COFEE BREAK
10:30-12:10 Electrophysiology
Mary Jane Beilby (ca. 20 min) Does Chara have H+/ OH-channels?
Hisashi Okamoto (35 min) Activation of the root xylem proton pump by hydraulic signals from leaves under suppressed transpiration
Stefano Mancuso (ca. 20 min) TBA
12:10-13:30 LUNCH
13:30-14:30 Responses to mechanical stimuli
Hieu T.H. Nguyen (ca. 20 min) Superoxide-dependent Positive and Negative Modulation of Hypo-osmotically Altered Cytosolic and Nucleic Calcium Ion Concentrations in Tobacco Cells
Shogo Takatani (ca. 20 min) NEK6 coordinates organ growth by mechanical signal in Arabidopsis
14:30-15:30 POSTER CORE TIME 2
15:30-17:00 Behavior of roots and stomata
Frantisek BALUSKA (ca. 20 min) Root Apex Navigation via Light Gradients, Sound Waves and Volatiles
Ken-ichiro Shimazaki (ca. 20 min) Two protein kinases mediate blue light-stimulated stomatal opening by inactivation of the anion channels in guard cells
Keina Monda (ca. 20 min) Environmental adaptation in stomatal size and aperture in Arabidopsis natural accessions
Christophe Goupil (ca. 20 min) Patern recognition of plant activity

DAY 4(June 30th, FRI)

9:15-10:00 Microbial and algal resources
Katsunori Yanagawa (ca. 20 min) Microbial life beneath deep-sea hydrothermal vent
Minato Wakisaka (ca. 20 min) Promotion of microalgae growth and metabolites accumulation by various additives
Kota Oshita and Tomonori Kawano Shifted to Poster #19
10:00-10:50 Symbiosis and evolutionymbiosis (continued from day 1 )
Sam-Geun Kong (ca. 20 min) Actin nucleation system for chloroplast photorelocation movement
Katsunori Suzuki (ca. 20 min) Broad application range of agrobacterium-mediated transformation as well as virulence gene induction by the Htype precursor evoke an idea to implicate lower classes of plants as ancestral hosts
10:50-11:10 COFEE BREAK
11:10-12:20 Environmental Biology
Eugene Hayato Morita (ca. 20 min) Physicochemical studies for the heavy-metal stress response in cyanobacterium, Synechococcus sp. PCC 7942
Tayebeh Abedi (ca. 20 min) Response of tobacco plants overexpressing UDP-Gal epimerase to Gal toxicity.
Masanori Tamaoki (ca. 20 min) Evaluation of DNA damage from radiation in Fukushima using transgenic plants and callus
12:10-13:50 LUNCH
13:50-15:40 Plant Growth and Development
Elizabeth Van Volkenburg (ca. 20 min) Mechanisms of Behavior in Plants
Daniel Philippe Matton (ca. 20 min) Pollination type recognition from a distance by the ovary is revealed by a global transcriptomic analysis
Shinjiro Ogita (ca. 20 min) A new concept of plant cell, tissue and organ culture approach for practical manipulation of plant stem cells
Nobukazu Tanaka (ca. 20 min) Hyper-galactosylation of plant cell wall components leads to alteration of plantgrowth and characteristics.
15:40-16:05 Stefano Mancuso Closing Remarks
Tomonori Kawano Announcement

DAY 5(July1st, SAT)

10:30-12:00 Slot for Committee Meeting (additional, if any)
12:00-13:00 LUNCH
13:00-15:00 Open Seminar (translation to Japanese available)
Stefano Mancuso KEYNOTE: The Surprising Science & History of Plants’ Intelligence!!!
Stefano Mancuso, Francois Bouteau, Cristophe Goupil, Tomonori Kawano Panel Discussion

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Planned Sessions (much more coming)

  1. Plant Behavior
  2. Developmental Biology
  3. Plant-Microbe Interactions
  4. Green Growth and Natural Photosynthesis
  5. Artificial Photosynthesis
  6. Interface of Physics and Plant Biology
  7. Novel Sensing Technology
  8. Deep-learning and Plant Biology
  9. Simulation of Plant Growth and Behavior
  10. Climate and Plant Biology Frontiers
  11. Artificial Light Sources and Photobiology
  12. Phytohormones Signaling
  13. Stress Signaling
  14. Ion Channel Biology and Biophysics
  15. Long Distance Signaling
  16. Evolutionary views on plant biology
  17. Chemical Biology and Ecology
  18. Science History
  20. Seminar open to public: “Plant Intelligence” by Prof. Stefano Mancuso*July 1st 13:00-15:00

*Topics from NHK publishing’s best-selling book(「植物は<知性>をもっている」NHK出版) (Translation to Japanese available)